Blackhead Removal Tool

What is the best blackhead removal tool?

The blackheads are causing a lot of headaches for everyone. They are also called open comedones since the pores have too much oil, bacteria and dead skin. If the pores are exposed to air the dead skin gets black or brown color, so the name blackheads.

The blackheads are considered to be mild form of acne but are not painful. Squeezing the blackheads is not recommendable because scars will remain on the face and some infections can also be manifested. Providing the needed care for your skin is the best solution. But how can you find the best blackhead removal tool? Have you tried a lot and still nothing helps you? Maybe you don’t know what to do.

First you need to learn what your options are. You might use some products that contain chemicals, or some products that do not irritate the skin or that not require treatments with chemicals. Among the products that can remove blackheads are the extractor tools, clay masks, pore strips and topical creams. But which one is the best? You will have to try different options in order to find the one that best suits you.

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Everyone has different type of skin, so the issues with the blackheads are different. Some can have small presentations of the blackheads while at others the whole face can be affected.

How the different blackhead removal tools work?

  • Extractor tools – these tools can be used for any type of skin, but this is only applicable if you have visible and large blackheads on the face. This option is also available if you don’t want to spend too much. But the disadvantage here is that these tools can still leave scars on the face so it is recommendable to visit a dermatologist if you want to use this tool.
  • Topical creams – some antibiotic gels or retinoids are an excellent choice if you have oily skin and if you want to remove the blackheads easily. This type of products need to be applied daily and could be a little bit expensive. But only the best for your skin.
  • Blue light treatment – you can try this at home but it is recommendable to consult your dermatologist.
  • Pore strips – if you have some oily skin or the blackheads are everywhere on the face then this might be the best option for removing them. The pore strips will just minimize the appearance of the blackheads, will not remove them completely.

How to cleanse the skin?

  • First you need to wash the area from where you are going to remove the blackheads.
  • Then after the opens have opened you can remove the debris or the bacteria on the surface that might cause some infection.
  • Apply cleanser with neutral pH.
  • Wash the face with warm water because the hot water can strip and irritate the skin.
  • Dry the skin and avoid application of some products before the blackheads have been removed and the pores have been cleaned.