(Pack of 2) Coverplast Hydrocolloid blemish dots (15 dots patch per pack) , acne and blemish cover…

  • Coverplast# Blemish dots use hydrocolloid technology to help provide conditions for promoting the regeneration and healing of skin. The discreet, barely visible dot acts like a second skin that can defend and protect delicate skin from external contact.
  • Helps to reduce redness and the size of spots and covering of skin blemishes
  • Absorbs secretions and flavours fast healing // also Protects from dirt and bacteria
  • waterproof and can be used even under make up
  • Rounded easy to peel off dots // 15 dots per pack x 2 pack // ship from Thailand
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    Product Description

    Coverplast? Hydrocolloid Blemish dots discreetly cover skin imperfections whilst promoting healing. The innovative technology acts like a second, extra thin, flexible skin. Thanks to their rounded and barely visible appearance, Coverplast? Hydrocolloid Blemish dots can be used under make-up, allowing skin imperfections to heal whilst being perfectly camouflaged.

    Blackhead extractor tools have a crafted design that gives you the ease to reach the corners parts of your body that are difficult. It ensures that the blackheads are more evenly extracted around the facial area. Another added advantage is that the economic benefit; they can be used over and over again.

    Here are ways to use a blackhead extractor:

    • When using a blackhead extractor tool, always remember to be gentle
    • Begin by washing your hands with soap and water
    • Disinfect the tool by submerging it in a disinfectant.
    • Disinfect the skin also to avoid any contraction of a bacterial infection.

    Now cleanse you face with warm water while holding the warm face cloth on the areas for a while so that the skin pores can be opened up.

    Now it’s time to use the blackhead extractor tool; place the loop end over the area with the blackhead that you want to extract.

    Press gently on the blackhead to ensure that the accumulation is drained completely. Another way you could do it is by pushing down the tool on the blackhead to ensure that the contents of the follicle are extracted.

    After the procedure is over, disinfect your face, then cleanse it with cool water. The tool too is not left out.  After washing the tool, let it dry, or you may wipe it with alcohol. This ensures that you don’t get an infection later on when you use it again.

    Finally, apply a toner and a moisturizer to cater for the affected area.

    Easy Tips To Remember In Preventing Blackheads

    Blemishes that commonly appear on the face are called blackheads. Many people suffer from these blackheads. Since it is always better to prevent things from happening that treating them, here are a couple of tips that you can follow.

    Tip 1 – Observe good hygiene.

    Make sure to regularly wash your face to remove excess oil and dirt from the skin. These things actually contribute to the breakout of blackheads.

    However, avoid washing your face too many times. There are natural oils present on the skin which actually help prevent acne. It will be enough to wash your face twice daily.

    When washing your face, use mild soaps with neutral pH levels, especially if you have sensitive skin. For an oily face, use an oil-free cleanser.

    Tip 2 – Watch the foods that you consume.

    The kind of foods that you eat on a daily basis can affect your overall health as well as your skin. As much as possible, eat a balanced meal every time.

    Minimizing the amount of fried foods, sweets, and junk foods that you consume will be good for your skin. Instead of these products, aim to increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables. Do not also forget to drink plenty of water.

    Tip 3 – Avoid dirty things getting into contact with your skin.

    To prevent the spread of bacteria, do not touch your face with dirty hands. Wash pillowcases and other garments that come into contact with your face a lot.

    These tips are easy to remember. However, how effective they are in preventing blackheads is up to how religiously you will follow them.